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Wanna get seen here? Get added to our links list!

1)  These links will all be going up on a links page and NOT on the side banners as we wish to keep the site organized, user friendly, easy to navigate, and not overly cluttered looking and confusing.

2) Send us a 150 x150 or smaller banner with the URL you'd like it linked back to.

3) Please include in the header of your email: GET SEEN -- ARTIST (publisher, writer, etc)  -- Otherwise we can't promise your email won't get tossed into the spam folder or overlooked.

Just a small warning: Any angry emails pertaining to being overlooked will be immediately discarded. It takes time to reply to emails and we all have other projects as well as lives beyond this site, as do you. We're all adults here and we will adhere strictly to treating you with the same respect you treat us.  Thanks!

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