We'd like to welcome you to Covered and thank you for your interest in our site. Covered is an e book cover review site dedicated to the  men and women that create the book covers that catch your eye, and help to sell your books. It's a place for people of all walks of life to see some really spectacular covers and perhaps see some not so spectacular covers and help further an understanding what makes a cover good or bad.

 This site will not bash, ridicule, or make anyone feel badly about their attempts. All attempts at creating a cover will be treated with respect and any reviews herein are not intended to harm. Education, mutual admiration, and kudos to the artist is what we're about.

We're here to bring the art of cover creating to life for everyone. To express and show how much work, blood, sweat, and tears go into making a cover.  And how much dedication is needed to make a wonderful piece of art that is used exclusively as a means to sell the books of others.

This is a site to celebrate the people that maybe you won't ever meet in person, but have influence in your life nonetheless. Well, in the reading realm anyhow. :) And if we've done our job right, you might just leave us with a bit more knowledge and hopefully a new appreciation for the long hours that are put into each and every cover.

More will be coming shortly, but we hope you enjoy your visit.

Thanks from all of us at Covered,