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This post is also up on The Novel Approach because that's who I'm reviewing for. I'm still newish to working with another site so please take that into consideration if you see stuff out of whack as far as posting goes. I'm getting there. :)  In the meantime you can read the first version of the post here....or you can read the version with Lisa's wonderful welcome on TNA here:

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Introduction posts should be easy shouldn’t they? You offer a friendly greeting, hi, hello, how are you? You maybe say a few things about yourself that hopefully someone wants to read, but more likely than not skims over briefly. Maybe you offer a few anecdotes or a few deep, meaningful thoughts, perhaps even a life changing story all in the hopes that suddenly you’ll become bosom buddies, soul mates, Yin and Yang.  At the very least maybe you’ll be enticed to read this reviewers column once a week.  

Absolutely no pressure just throwing it out there. 

Unfortunately for everyone present, or fortunately depending on your point of view, I like to try to mix it up.  I kinda hate boring, dull, by the book anything and hopefully that bodes well for us all. However, since this is supposed to be an introduction let me do my very best to give a nod to convention and tell you a little about myself and why I am here.  

My name is A.J. Corza. 

A few of you out there know me but the vast majority of you probably have no clue who I am. Since I’m fairly new to the eBook arena it’s no surprise. 

What I am is a struggling to pay my school loans, share the bills with my bf of 16 years, currently attending college to get my bachelors degree, graphic artist. I have no kids, 2 nephews, 1 niece, 2 cats, 1 very annoying bird, a vintage 1972 Volkswagen, and I live in California just outside of Laguna Beach.  Oh, and I do book covers along with any other art for various authors around the eBook realm.  I’ve worked for Dreamspinner, and I’m hopefully in the queue for another large book company (still pending), but I mostly do artwork for self-publishing authors. 

I love to read, though unfortunately I have barely enough time to read my school books let alone enough time to read anything for fun.  When I do have time to read for myself, I tend to read what others have told me they thought was fabulous, or and yes this is getting to my whole point of being here, I read whatever book whose cover caught my eye.

That’s why I’m here. I’m a book cover reviewer! Ta dah!

Am I an expert? Nope. I truly believe that no one is an expert in the art arena unless they concentrate on one artist for their entire career. Art is always shifting and changing, fads come and go, and what may be the most popular style of art this week may be considered bourgeois or hum drum the next.  

My purpose here, what I’d like to accomplish and I’m going to try to accomplish, is to bring to light some of the stunning covers that are out there as well as bring some love to the artists that have executed them.
So every week I’ll be choosing one or maybe even several covers to ooo and aaah over. I’ll be giving my reasons why I love it, and discussing what potentially makes a good eye catching cover. 

I will not be doing a grading system because I don’t believe that’s fair. What I love may not be what you love and really, who the hell am I to tell you what you should love? No one, that’s who.

 I will not be slamming other artists and I will not be trying to make anyone feel badly about their work, that’s just not how I roll, so to speak.  I sincerely believe in supporting each other and I’m especially fond of not getting death threats or nasty emails. Just sayin.  

So that’s me.  Hopefully I didn’t bore you to tears, or drive you to drink, and I sincerely hope that you’ll be coming back to see what treasures I can dig up and give some love to the artists that help sell those books you so love to read. 

Have a pleasant day and may all the good books be with you!

A.J. Corza

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